Expo au DEUX.22

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Vous êtes tous invités à aller voir ma dernière prise de posession d’espace au Bar Boutique Deux.22 situé au 222 rue Saint-Joseph Est, Québec. Mes derniers poissons, de tendance plus exotiques, y sont présentés ainsi que quelques toiles. En plus la bière et la bouffe sont à prix abordable.

All are invited to go take a look at my latest exhibition at the Deux.22 Bar and Shop, 222 Saint-Joseph Est street, Quebec. My latest exotic fishes and a couple of canvas are exhibited in this one of a kind space. Plus beer and food at a nice price.

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Christmas Super Sale!

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It’s this time of the year where everyone is looking for a great gift idea for the loved ones. Well it’s also this time of the year where I put huge deals on selected artworks.
Take a look at the artworks below or simply send me a message via my FACEBOOK PAGE.


Sorry but LEFTY got sold via facebook shortly after being published 😦

I can’t believe I put that one at 600$, it breaks my heart.
Ohhh Slurp SoSexy Wormy

The “Piranha” for Rouge Total

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This is a special order from my friend Jo Ellie for his tattoo studio Rouge Total.
Based on the idea of a mean piranha, the first of a series of mutant fish, taking some features of the bass in order to create a one of a kind red mean fish.
Mounted on wood blocks, 2 inches clearance from the wall, 30 inches x 15 inches, Mixed mediums on wood panel, 2015, sold.