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Nos cousins Français de chez Le Mouching viennent d’écrire un article intéressant sur mon Reel Art et aussi un guide d’achat du parfait pêcheur afin de pouvoir te procurer tous les articles essentiels à un décor “Matel Fishing Inspired”! Merci à vous pour cet article.

Our French Cousins at Le Mouching just released an article about my Reel Art and also the perfect guide to get your hands on all my “Matel Fishing Inspired” products for your home! Thanks for this article.

Si vous ne connaissez pas encore ce blog et que vous êtes accro de pêche à la mouche, et bien c’est un must!

If you are into flyfishing and don’t know this blog yet, it is a must!

Cliquez ICI pour l’article complet! Click HERE for the full article!

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art, canvas, friends, work

I just worked lately on an image for a new music band from Quebec city called YZRA.
Good sound needs to be supported with a decent image.
A first timer for me was to draw the Bass Drum Skin. The members of the band had the good idea to put some leds in the bass drum to make the imagery feel more alive.
I got to say that this idea adds a lot of flavor to the original artwork.
Stay tuned for their music, the band is doing excellent stuff!
You can follow them on their facebook page HERE!!!

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