Pour faire changement du chocolat et des roses!

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Cette année pour la St-Valentin, oubliez le chocolat et ses calories ou encore ces roses éphémères; SOYEZ ORIGINAL!!
Pour seulement 50,00 $, offrez à votre amoureux/euse LE cadeau qui saura durer. (ou traverser le temps/ traverser les années 😛 )
Voici un présent solide et authentique qui saura plaire : Les «Falling Birds», médium mixtes sur tableau de bois, 10’’ x 10’’.
Si vous êtes intéressé, faites vite, les «Falling Birds» s’envolent vite!!
Pour information:

For Valentines day, give him/her the present that will last, love on wood.
For only 50$ each, give your lover the everlasting gift.
Here are the “Falling Birds”, mixed mediums on wood panel, 10″ x 10″.
If interested please send a private message here:



Get to 500!

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I just announced that I will be giving away a free original canvas once I get to 500 likes on my facebook page. Just to show you how much I like people who support me and take time to visit once in a while. Here is the direct link to the page:

Je viens tout juste d’annoncer que je vais donner une toile originale dès que j’atteint les 500 likes sur ma page facebook. Simplement pour vous montrer que j’apprécie les gens qui me supportent et me visitent de temps en temps. Voici le lien pour la page:

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art, canvas, friends, work

I just worked lately on an image for a new music band from Quebec city called YZRA.
Good sound needs to be supported with a decent image.
A first timer for me was to draw the Bass Drum Skin. The members of the band had the good idea to put some leds in the bass drum to make the imagery feel more alive.
I got to say that this idea adds a lot of flavor to the original artwork.
Stay tuned for their music, the band is doing excellent stuff!
You can follow them on their facebook page HERE!!!

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Capture d’écran 2014-04-15 à 10.26.51 Capture d’écran 2014-04-15 à 10.26.22