Christmas Cards!

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Faites de ces Fêtes un moment magique en offrant aux personnes chères une carte Matel!
En vente au prix de: 2/6$ – 4/10$ – 8/16$
Joyeuses Fêtes!

Make this Holiday a magical moment giving the loved ones a Matel card!
On sales: 2/6$ – 4/10$ – 8/16$
Happy Holidays!

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Canadian Bacon 5

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Vernissage de la 5e exposition collective Canadian Bacon ce soir. Ça se passe au 280 rue arago est, Québec. Bière de la Brasserie les 2 frères et bien du visuel au menu. Au plaisir.

5th edition of the art collective Canadian Bacon happening tonight. Go to 280 arago est, Québec.  Beer from the Brasserie les 2 frères and lots of visual. Ses you there.





MAD respect!

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Well after the quick interview of last month, it’s now time for my good friend Patrick.
After knowing him at a young age on the snowboard slopes of Stoneham, this guy never stopped to impress me, from shredding to art in many forms possible.
Big up Pat, well deserved!

For a good read click HERE!!! (QUEBEC SCOPE MAGAZINE)

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Last order!

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Here is a canvas I made especially for LP Taillon and his family.
They wanted to own a massive Matel piece based on things in life they love and cherish. Here is the final product.
Painted on a wooden door, this piece sure gave me the push I needed to start new projects after a certain time away from the studio.
Thanks again for the opportunity.

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Capture d’écran 2015-12-07 à 19.23.44

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Matel original training rail

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My good friend Claude-David and his Saguenay snowboard school had the special attention to make this Matel one of a kind rail in order to train young athletes to perform and practice new tricks. Based on an original canvas done for the crew last year, this set up will sure inspire kids to progress I’m sure.
Keep the youth motivated!!!


Soirée Factorie au Musée

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C’est ce soir qu’a lieu la soirée Factorie au Musée National des Beaux-Arts du Québec.
J’ai eu l’immense plaisir de travailler avec mon bon ami Patrick (Avive) sur une murale thématique qui sera paufinée ce soir durant l’événement.
Pour ceux qui y seront et bien, à ce soir.
Merci au MNBAQ, Le Cercle 179 et tout spécialement Anne -Laurence pour l’invitation et la belle initiative.

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