Back from Asia… …with LOVE!

art, friends, work

Well it’s been a crazy week working and visiting Seoul and Tokyo. What else to say then One love to all A2 distribution group and Sassi Trading crew. We did some shop visits, tasted the famous Korean BBQ, been to an insane sushi bar near the Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo. Plus we met some people really generous and humble. A condensed but well appreciated week in my 2 new favorite cities. And for sure those guys know how to party.
Thanks again to everyone who welcomed and took care of us and showed us all the best places in their city. One love to Yoon and all the staff at A2 in Korea, Korean girls, BBQ, Shoju. One love to Sashi san, Hajime, Kabe and all the IFOUND riders in Japan, Azure shop, Borad base, Mr Suzuki, Ronin shop.
Also big shout out to the sushis, sake, girls bar, karaoke.
Thanks to all of you, we spent some incredible in your company.
See you soon.

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