Sunday afternoon session

art, friends, work

Voici une commande pasée par JP Villemaire. Une production d’un après-midi. Gros fun.
Here is a piece ordered by my friend JP Villemaire. Good afternoon.
Total size: 6′ x 8′.


La Paria crew BACK AGAIN!!!

art, friends

Voici une superbe production qui a eue lieu samedi passé à Montréal.
Big shout out to: Astro / Frank Lam / Gaston / Kain / Bjorn / Zema.
Histoire complète ICI.










Sewing Machine

art, canvas, work

I’ve been asked by my good friends at Rekognize to paint 3 sewing machines. Well this one is the first stomped. 2 others on their way.
Mes bons amis de Rekognize m’ont mandaté de painter 3 machines à coudre, voici la première accomplie. 2 autres à venir.

Produit frais

canvas, work

Les tuques viennent d’arriver au warehouse. Des tonnes de nouvelles couleurs en direction de votre shop locale favorite.
The beanies just arrived at the warehouse. Tons of new colors in direction of your favorite local shop.

TORSO: t-shirt graphics exposed

art, work

Some of my work for I FOUND is featured in this new book edited by
Daniel Eckler (Format Mag) and published by Gestalten, Berlin 2010.
TORSO book is focusing on t-shirts created by the most innovative and style-setting brands. It showcases graphics that represent an individual’s or a brand’s interpretation and expression of the do-it-yourself aesthetic associated with this movement.
So buy it now and enjoy, this is loaded with amazing works of art.

– Ice Cream tee, summer 2010.

-Brian McClatchy, winter 2009.

-The Basics, back to school 2009.

-Living Type, winter 2010.

-Burglar Bird, summer 2010.

-Will Lavigne signature, winter 2009.