AMOS showtime

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I already posted some on that subject but now the guys from the show updated the website and it’s just insane. Crazy line up, check it out HERE!!!


B-BIRDS on Japanese gloves

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YES the street birds are now available in the shape of gloves, mitts…
IFOUND good friends at VOLUME gloves produced this insane colab.
So nice!
Les birds en format mitaines et gants produit par nos amis Japonais de VOLUME gloves.

“Le TriMatel” exposed

art, canvas, events, work

Quelque close up de pièces du TriMatel qui a eu lieu le mois dernier à la
Galerie Morgan Bridge. Merci à tous ceux qui se sont déplacés.

Close ups from the TriMatel show that just passed at the Morgan Bridge Gallery.
Thanks to everyone who came by.

“Various Birds”, 2010, 6″ x 6″ each.

“Achille”, 2010, 4’x4′.

“L’Institution”, 2010, 4’x4′.

“BlueBird”, 2010, 24″ x 46″.

“SnowStorm” snowboard/skateboard, 2010 : “Arms”, 2010.

“Folder”, 2010, 12″ x 12″.

“Some1/Matel collaboration”, 2010, 46″ x 46″.

“Ramones”, 2010, 22″ x 15″.