Burglar in Japan

My friend Louif Paradis was in Japan shooting with the Salomon crew for a month. Here is a sneak peek of the duty I asked him to do while he was there. Thanks Louif, good lookin’. Hopefully Louif and crew came back the week before all the nightmare started in Japan.
All our love and support are with Japan.

Mon ami Louif Paradis était au Japon pendant un mois shootant avec le team Salomon. Voici un apercu du travail de stickering que je lui avait demmandé de faire. Merci Louif, ca look bien. Heureusement Louif et son crew sont revenus la semaine avant que le cauchemar débute. Tout notre amour et support vous accompagnent.

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À propos de mrmatel

Mathieu Laroche also known as Matel is an artist based in Quebec city, paradise of sport fishing and ice cold winters. He started his career working for FOKUS productions on the movies called "Sugar Shack", designing and animating. Fondamentally working in the snowboard industry, Matel and 4 long time friends started the headwear company called "IFOUND" in which he does the art direction. He also worked with Rome snowboards, Volcom as a featured artist and is now working for YES snowboards while not designing beanies and tees. He started an art galery in Quebec city called Morgan Bridge with fellow artists and writers. He still pushes the boundaries of his paintings and drawings for various shows. While not painting or computing, he’s fishing with friends, drinking alcohol and relaxing to refresh ideas.
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